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The main objectives of the Employment Market Information (EMI) programme are:-

 I.      To provide information at short intervals about the structure of employment in the
        public and private sectors at the area, state and national levels and also to monitor 
        the changes in the level of employment.
II.     To present the occupational composition and educational profile of employees
        in the public and private sector establishments.
To identify the occupation which are characteristics to a given industry.
  To assess the manpower shortages in the organised sector.
   To make available information required  to improve and add to the services
        offered by the National Employment Service.
  To monitor the progress in generating employment during the five years

                         EMPLOYMENT IN JAMMU  AND KASHMIR

                 Total employment in the State decreased from 2.13 lakh in March 1995 to 2.09 
 lakh in March 1996 recording a decrease of 1.9%. Employment in the Public Sector had 
 declined by 1.5% whereas in the Private Sector the decrease was 9.1%. the State had 
 a share of 0.8% of all-India employment
 at the end of March,1996.

Number of Establishment in the Organised Sector by J&K States
as on 31st March 1995 &1996

S.No.       NO. of Establishments as on 31st March           Percentage Change

                       1995                                        1996                                 1995/1995

                   Public         Private    Total      Public     Private     Total     Public      Private    Total
                   Sector        Sector                   Sector    Sector                  Sector     Sector
J & K
           2626            141       2767         2627      134         2761      0.0        -5.0        -0.2

                                     Employment in the Organised Sector at the
                                          end of March 1995 and March 1996 

                 EMPLOYMENT    (IN LAKHS)                                          Percentage Change

State    J &K   As in 31-3-1995   As in 31-3-1996                                                      1996/95 

 Public Private Total   Public  %age to   Private %age to Total  %age to  Public  Private  Total 
Sector   Sector         Sector  Total         Sector       Total           Total        Sector     Sector

 2.02   0.11  2.13     1.99       1.0        0.10        0.1       2.09     0.8     -1.5         -9.1     -1.9

                      Women Employment in the Organised Sector by J &K States
                                      As On 31st  March,1995 and 1996

               As On 31-3-95                    As On 31-3-96       

State   Public    Private   Total     Public    Private  Total  Public     Private  Total  
Sector    Sector                Sector    Sector             Sector    Sector

J&K      21.0      1.9         22.9       20.7       1.9     22.6   -1.4        -1.6      -1.4 

                   Number of Work-seekers on the Live Register 
                      of Employment Exchanges by J &K State.

State     Work-seekers as on                   Educated work-seeker     %
31st  March                 Change       as on 31st    Dec.            Change 

                 1996          1995            1996/95       1995/ 1994      1995/94

J & K         147.5         143.6                2.7               62.4           59.9                   4.2


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