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            Environment includes all the physical parts of the earth such as air, soil, minerals, rocks, water and all the organisms such as animals and plants living in it. Environmental Science provides an understanding of the environment, the impact of human life on it, and ways and means to preserve the delicate balance between various parts of the environment in the process of human development .

Since exciting and fulfilling avenues are opening up in this field, you may plan a career in various areas related to environment. The subject of study include Ecology, Environmental Planning, Pollution Biology etc.

Educational Facilities

             A good number of college and institution offer diploma degree and post-graduate courses in environmental science. If you are interested in taking up a career in this field, the academic programmes listed in Appendix A, may be of interest to you.

Employment Opportunities

             On completion of your education in the field of environmental sciences, you may get jobs in the areas of teaching research and  development, pollution control etc. Some of the possibilities have been discussed below:-


            Those who have a post- Graduate degree in any field of Environmental Sciences and with a Doctoral work may take up the teaching profession as a lecturer in the pay scale of Rs. 2200-4000. They are supposed to take graduate or post-graduate classes of environmental related subjects such as air water quality management, environmental ecology, industrial waste treatment, environmental chemistry etc. They
 are also expected to guide students that are involved in environmental related research. Lecturers are also appointed in Research Institutes that impart education in this field. Promotional avenues are open to the posts of Associate Professor/Reader in the grade of Rs.3700-4500 and subsequently to the post of Professor.


            Ecologists study environmental influences such as temperature, rainfall, altitude, kind and quality of food etc. and their effects on plant or animal growth and development. They run experimental farms or laboratories under natural and artificial conditions to watch effects
of climatic conditions on crops, plants and animals.

            The industries that deal with synthetic dyes, pesticides, metals, minerals, plastic dust or plastics etc. employ environmentalists to comply environmental control provisions in the plant. They are designated as Manager (Ecology), Environmental Planner etc.

            One should be a graduate in Environmental   Eng. or a post graduate in Environmental Science for these posts.


            Engineers in this field develop and modify systems to keep the environment clean and safe for living. They plan, design renovate the systems to control pollution. Those who have a degree or post- graduate degree in Environmental Engineering or Industrial Engineering are eligible for the posts. They are appointed as Jr. Engineers or Engineer. Jobs are available in Pollution Control Units. Environmental Engineering Process Laboratories .Water and Sewage Treatment Plants Public Health Engineering  Departments, Industries dealing with Environmental pollutants etc.


Scientists involved in toxicity testing and evaluation of industrial chemicals and products are supposed to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of pollution control systems. They are involved in applied research in order to develop new concepts relevant to the Environment sector. They also promote research and development in the related areas such as Wild Life Science, Social Forestry etc. One should be a post-graduate with a doctoral  degree in the concerned field for being eligible for the posts of Scientists

 Research Officers/Project Officers/Consultants    
Those who have academic excellence in the field of Environmental science may work as project  officer, research officers or as consultants. They are concerned with educating masses and making them  aware about natural environment. For the purpose they conduct training programme for teachers and other concerned persons. They are also employed to look after a specified research project relating to environmental issues. Highly qualified persons who work as consultants get very handsome salaries which are negotiable. Jobs are available  in Research Institutes  and  Government Departments that deal with environmental  problems. The private organizations that are concerned with these issues also employ these people. 

Technicians/ Research  Assistants   
Technicians help Engineers and Scientists in their day to day working. Lab Assistants, for example, look after the equipments/chemicals in the laboratory. They perform testing of chemicals etc. as directed by their supervisors. They are also responsible for cleaning the apparatus. Research Assistants in this field collect, compile and analyse the   scientific data pertaining to multidisciplinary aspects of environmental protection. One should have a M asterís degree in any branch of Environmental Sciences or Bachelorís degree in Environmental Engineering. Those who have experience get preference.    
Since the subject of environmental science is a multidisciplinary subject, jobs are available in several other fields also. These may be the jobs of Environmental planner in Housing and Town Planning Sectors, Foresters in Forestry Sector etc.

Employment Outlook 
Today, there is considerable concern all over the world for preservation of the environmental balance and eco-systems control of pollution, preservation and regeneration of forest areas, afforestation of denuded lands, soil conservation measures . This aspect has now been receiving significant attention in India and is expected to be attached considerable importance in years to come. There is, therefore, scope for increased employment of personnel with qualification in environmental sciences both in the public as well as private sector.

Facilities for Environmental Education in India

S.No.    Name of the Institution                      Courses offered          Eligibility

 1                     2                                     3                                     4


1.      Department of Zoology, Kakatiya      M.Sc. in Zoology with specialisation             B.Sc.
 University. Warangal Ė506009.      Environmental  Biology Ph.D.     
Environmental Biology/Ecology           M.Sc.Zoology

 2. Department of Botany, Nagarjuna      M.Sc/M.Phil/Ph.D. in Plant and                     B.Sc./M.Sc.
     University, Nagarjunanagar-522510    Vegetation Ecology; Weed Biology 

 2.   Andhra University, Walatair, Andhra    Diploma / Envir.                             MSc./B.E./B.Phar-
     Pradesh.                                              Science                                                       macy/M.B.B.S.


4. Sri Venkateshwara University,            M.Tech-Environmental and Public
    Tirupati, Andhar Pradesh                    Health Eng. M.Sc./M.Phil/Ph.D. in               _____
                                                              Environmental Chemistry


1.  Indian School of Mines,                   Bachelor of Engg.( Envir. )                           B.Tech. in   relevant
      Dhanbad Bhir                                 M.Tech. Environmental                                 subject/Graduate
                                                             Science &Engg.                                            Eng. Are also

1. Indian Institute of Ecology and      Post-Graduate Diploma in Ecology ,                Bachelorís Dgr.
Environmental Saidulajab, Saket,   Maidan  and Environmental.
Grahi Road, New Delhi-110030

2. School of Environmental Science   M.Sc./M.Phil/P.D in Envi.                               For M.Sc.-B.Sc 
    Jawahar Lal Nehru University         Sciences.                                                    M.Phil-M.Sc.Ph.D
    New Delhi-67.                                                                                                   M.B.B.S.

3. School of Planning and Agri. I.P.   Masterís Degree in Envir.                            B.Arch./B.E. Civil
    Estae, New  Delhi-110002          Planing                                                          M.A. (Admission
                                                                                                                          Is made through
                                                                                                                           Entrance Exam.)

4.    Department of Environmental                  B.Sc/M.Sc. Environmental                 B.Sc. Life Science
       Biology Univ.of Delhi,South                      Biology                                               Environmental
       Campus, Benito Juraez Rd.
       New Delhi-110021 

5.   Center for Energy Studies, Indian         Degree in Non- Conventional                  ___
       Institute of  Technology, N.Delhi.          Energy. 

            JAMMU AND KASHMIR 

1.   Faculty of Science, University of            M.Sc/Ph.D. in Terrestrial & Aquatic    For B.Sc-10+2
      Kashmir, Hazrat Bal ,Srinagar-190006,     Ecology.   Science) For M.Sc- B. Forestry Ph.D- M                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
      Jammu & Kashmir 

2. University of Jammu                            M.Sc/M.Phil /Ph.D. in Environmental science     graduation with
                                                                                                                                 science degree                                                                                    


1.   Mainpur University,Chanchi.                  B.Sc. Environmental Sciences                ____ 


1.  Punjab University,Sector-14,                   Under Graduation Ecology      B.SC.B.A.                             
           Chandigarh.                                                                             B.Com.B.E.
                                                                                               M.Sc.Life/Sc Earth Science.
 2.  Punjabi University ,Patiala,      Post-Graduation Ecological                                                 ____
      Punjab                                      Genetics.

3.     Environmental Engg.             M.E. Civil Environmental                                 B.E. Degree
        Centre, Thapar Inst.                                     In Agri. Eng.
        Of Engg. & Technology                               Chemical Eng.
        Patiala Punjab.    


1.  University of Jodhpur,                Post-Graduate in Environmental                                             ____
     Jodhpur-342001                       Biology & Plant Ecology.  

3.      University of Rajasthan,
Jaipur, Rajas than. 



1.   North-Eastern Hill Univ. Lower        B.Sc. Environmental  Sciences    B.Sc.
      Lach Aumuere. Shillong, Meghalaya 


1.  Salim Ali School of Ecology,     M.Sc. M.Phil/Ph.D. in  Ecology   B.Sc.
        Pond cherry Central University                                           B.Com. B.E

Kalapet Pondicherry-605014                                                               M.Sc.Life    



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