Frequently Asked Question




What are the requirements for registering with Employment Exchange?


You have to produce all original certificates/testimonials  which will be returned  to you  after  registering your name at the same time.


What is the renewal period ?


It is three years with a grace period of one month.


Can we renew by post ?




Can an illiterate register his/her name ?




Is there any specific timing for registration ?


You can register your name during office hours on all working days. 


What is the criteria for obtaining loan under State Self    Employment Scheme?


A candidate must fulfil the following conditions:-


·          Must be at least Middle Pass


·          Age: between 18-42 years. In case of female, SC/ST/PH 18-47


·          Unemployed


·          Permanent resident of the State/or residing at a particular place for atleast 3 years.


·          Should not have already availed loan facility under any Govt.sponsored scheme.


How to apply for loan under Self Employment Scheme(SES) ?


Advertisements are being floated in print and electronic meadia and you have to apply against  those advertisements.


Whom to contact for obtaining the loan ?


Dy. Director Employment /Assistant Director Employment of the concerned Districts.


What are the incentives available under the Scheme ? 


15% Margin Money, 5% Capital Subsidy and Interest Subsidy for 2 years.  


Q.No.1 I am a student of B.Com. (pass) final year DU. I want to take up MCA after graduation .Am I eligible to do it from universities like DU.JNU.KU. Roorkee University etc? I had maths till 10+2 but not at the graduation level. Please advice me which universities can I apply to and what are the job opportunities ?

  Ans.   MCA is a three year course which imparts all software skills and some management’s skills, as well. The entrance exam tests your proficiency in Math’s upto +2 or even higher level. Though a few institutes, restrict it to class tenth level, DU,JNU and Pune University’s entrance exams are the tough tests  to crack .Most are of two hours’ duration and objective type. Some also test reasoning computer fundamentals etc. Since you already had math’s in +2 you are eligible for almost every entrance exam. The minimum eligibility may change from year to year, but usually they make things easier for the aspirants. Nevertheless, you need to keep an eye on the advertisement which should start appearing shortly. As far as job prospects go, they are extremely good since almost every industry is capitalizing on the information explosion and technology penetration.

  Q.NO.2           I am keen on taking a course in mass communication .Could you please suggest what course can I take? Is there an age bar or eligibility conditions? What are the job opportunities before/behind camera? Is it worth doing from IGNOU?

  Ans.   Mass communication includes dissemination of news, information, entertainment and public messages to a large section of the masses. Radio, television, film, journalism, advertising are the main mediums. There could be several options but you first need to identify what field interests you the most. Courses are generally available at the post-graduate level, though Delhi University also offers a bachelor’s degree in journalism .Jaima Millia  Islamia offers an MA ,which includes television ,film video and print journalism ,while the Indian Institute of Mass Communication offers a PG diploma. At some DU colleges- such as Kamala Nehru and Delhi college of Arts & Commerce –advertising is also offered as a BA integrated course which includes modules in sales & marketing. Likewise , Indra Prastha College offers a BA in Mass Communications, While Makhanlal Chatturvedi Rashtriya Patrakarita Visvavidyalaya, Bhopal offers both BA and MA level courses .There is no specified upper age limit. Although IGNOU and other open universities do offer Mass Communications. It is advisable to do a regular course as there is lot of practical training involved that cannot be done through correspondence.

Q.NO.3.            I had English (Hons) in Ist BA. But I do  not Know what fields are open to me after Graduation. Please suggest.

Ans.     There are plenty of career opportunities open to English (honours) graduates. You can take a professional diploma/degree courses in journalism, publishing or mass communication (TV & films, advertising, PR).Alternatively you can also opt for corporate communications, script writing fashion, airlines /cabin crew ,event management, etc. If you are very academically-inclined teaching could be perfect for you. However first try and figure out your aptitude and what career would suit you the most.

  Q.No.4           I want to pursue MBA but am confused from where should I do it. I have already completed B Com(pass).Kindly inform me whether XLRI conducts a part-time MBA and also the date of the entrance exams.

     If you have done a three-year B.Com (pass)and if your percentage is 50 or above then with  a little preparation, you would be able to do it from any B-school. This is also the right time to scan newspaper for announcement to admissions. Yes XLRI does conduct a part-time  MBA but it is of three years duration and meant only for working executives with sufficient experience. The XLRI admission test is, usually held on the first Sunday of every year.

Q.No.5 I am a Ist divisioner ISC (PCM) currently doing
BA (history) as a regular candidate. I am also doing  BCA from IGNOU and BE via correspondence. Please suggest in which subject should I pursue engineering and what about job placement.

  Ans.   Aren’t you handling too many things at the same time? You must  choose between history or engineering. And since engineering is a very practical subject, even the correspondence course would  demand a lot of your time. I suggest that you try for admission to one of the regular engineering colleges again next year. That gives you a better chance of getting a job.

            As far as the branches are concerned your choice should depend mainly on your area of interest. Traditionally, Electronics and Mechanical Engineering have been the most popular .And there is maximum scope for jobs in these areas. Computer Engineering has also really come up, while Telecom Engineering is another emerging field that will offer plenty of jobs.

            As far as jobs are concerned, engineers are mainly employed in the government sector, in public sector organizations in private companies as commissioned officers in the defense service, in research organizations and laboratories as technical experts on engineering projects in banks and financial corporations. An engineer can also set up his own small unit/company or constancy.

  Q.No.6       I am a student of class XI and have secured  83% in my X boards. I have opted for PCBM as I want to become  a doctor though still not sure which specific field. I have the following queries:

1          Which is the best possible way to prepare for medical entrance exam-self-
        study, tuition or by joining  some institute?

2         Do CBSE-PMT,DPMT,AFMC,AIIMS,etc. have a common entrance exam?

3         Can I take entrance exam before  I take my XIIth exams?

4         Please suggest names of some good books for preparing for the entance.

5         After passing from AFMC,Pune,does one get a direct admission into the Air Force as a

6.        What are other career options if don’t clear my entrance exams?

        Kindly guide this confused girl.

 Ans.            There is no way that you can write your entrance exams without clearing your XII boards . The advantage of a coaching   institute is that these people know the examination trends and can be good guides, though there is no short-cut to self-study. Most entrance examinations have multiple questions and you have  a different orientation for it.

        All the names which you have written have different examinations and these are announced in daily newspapers. If you get selected for AFMC then after end of your MBBS, depending upon your merit  and choice  you will have to join one of the  three armed forces and you shall be a commissioned officer in the Indian armed forces.

        Don’t be  a pessimist. I suggest that you try your best for your entrance exam and you shall make it. Just in case  you don’’t  you can try again or try your luck in other fields.

  Q.No.7       I am a 2nd year student of BA honours (maths) and I am interested in doing MCA.Please suggest me some good Delhi-based institutes for the course.

  Ans.           MCA is a three-year course that covers predominantly software concepts, tools techniques along with hardware and management subjects. In Delhi the most sought after institutes offering the course are the Jawaharlal   Nehru University. You can take Delhi University. You can take the entrance exams when in the final year of college and you need to start preparing immediately after second year exams.

  Q.No.8      I am appearing for Bcom (final) and want to do MBA.But I have some queries:

a)       What is the difference between MAT and CAT?

b)       How much percentage in graduation is needed for admission in a good institute?

c)        Suggest me some books to prepare for English test in MBA entrance.

  Ans.        MAT is Management Aptitude Test conducted by All India Management Association (AIMA) and CAT is Common Admission Test conducted by IIMs. CAT is for admission to IIMs and the other leading business schools such as MDI, Gurgaon. MAT screens candidates for other national level business schools. Technically you would need a minimum of 50% to get admission in any of the leading business schools. Also there are no separate books to prepare English for MBA entrance. The regular material has sectioned on it too.

 Q.No.9      I want to do  MBA but I am confused from where should I do it. I have done Bcom (P). I want to Know if XLRI conducts part-time MBA .When does the institute hold its entrance examinations?

  Ans.        If you have done a three-year Bcom (P) and if your final aggregate percentage is 50+,then with a good amount of preparation you should be able to do MBA from any of the leading business schools in the country. This is the right time to keep looking at the daily newspapers for announcements for admissions. Yes XLRI does conduct a part-time  MBA but it is of three years duration and meant for only  the working executives  with sufficient experience  to see them through  the programme. The XLRI admissions  test is, usually the first Sunday  of the year.

  Q.NO10  I am a commerce graduate and want to do a course in gemology. Please advise.

  Ans.        There are several institutes offering courses in Gemology and Jewelry Designing which  range in duration  and intensity from two-three months to one-two years. Prominent institutes are the Gems and Jewellery  Export Prominent  Council, Jaipur; the Geological institute  of India, Mumbai; Jewellery  Product  Development Centre  (New  Delhi and Mumbai) Indian  Diamond  institute, Surat; SG Jhaveri Centre  for Diamond  Technology. Mumbai; the National Institute of Fashion Technology, New  Delhi ; South Delhi polytechnic for Women  New Delhi.

     Most of these are under-graduate courses available at the certificate  and diploma level. Some institutions do offer post graduation diploma  courses also. The scope in this field is extremely bright. And  professionals in these areas  are much  sought  after  as well as  very highly paid today.

  Q.No.11  I am a graduate  inZoology (Hons). Now I want to do  a good computer  course .I have heard about”medical transcription” Will it be good for me? What is its scope in Inida? I want to do PGDMT.Please  suggest some leading institutes.

  Ans.        In India ,medical transcription(MT) is the  fastest growing among all IT-enabled services. It  basically refers to transcribing  medical records. India   is a preferred outsourcing station for IT firms in the US for medical transcription. A certificate course in Mt is mainly jof 4 months duration. All graduates/doctors/nurses/paramedics are eligible for doing this course. A working knowledge of  computers, coupled with a good command over English and a reasonable understanding of medical terminology  are important requisites for doing  this course. Prominent institutes;

·          Pan-American Institute   of Medical Transcription New  Delhi

·          Info-American   Academy of Medical  Transcription , New Delhi

·          KG Informatics Systems (Pvt) Ltd. Coimbatore

·          Indian Institute of Medical Transcription (Pvt) Ltd. Coimbatore.

Q.No.12. I have  a 3-year diploma in  electronics and communication  engineering. I want to make  a career  in  aviation.please  provide  me details on DGCA Licence Exam.What are the   various  Government institutes that offer a course in  maintenance /ground engineer in aviation? What about  growth opportunities?

  Ans.        DGCA license is required if you want to become a Pilot. Those who have passed the HSC with Maths and Physics and are at least 16 years old, can register at any one of the 27 flying  clubs in the major towns around the country. A medical certificate, Security clearance and a bank guarantee of Rs.10,000 are also required . After registration an entrance test is held in subjects such as air regulations aviation, engine(technical and specific).Those who succeed in the entrance  test are  granted a SPL (Student’s Pilot Licence) that permits the student to train for flying and is valid for 12 months. After completing 60 hours of flying of which about 15 hours are dual fights, i.e. accompanied by the flying instructor and at least 30 hours are solo fights, you will be eligible to sit for the Private  Pilot’s Licence (PPL) certificate examination. Once you acquire  the PPL, you are eligible to become a Commercial  Pilot with  a Commercial Pilot’s License (CPL) after clearing five theory papers and with a total of 250 hours of flying experience. Training  costs approx. Rs 6-8 lakh over two and a half to three years. Private flying schools in Indoor, Bhopal , Pondichery and coimbatore   have  also  come up. Training  for the CPL can also be taken at the Indira   Gandhi Rashtriya Udan Academy at Rai Bareilly in UP. Once you have completed  the training and  a total of 250 hours of flying  you can obtain a commercial pilot’s license  from the Directorate  of Civil Aviation. This will qualify you to take  up a job as  a pilot with  any airline.

     But if you like  to work as  a ground  engineer in aviation then the basic  eligibility is a degree in aeronautical/electrical/mechanical engineering.So you can apply for a job with any aeronautical company or an air lines.

 Q.No.13.  I passed my class X this year.I want to be a psychiatrist. Are  psychologist and a psychiatrist different in their  professions? What is the best channel to become a psychiatrist?  

Ans.          Psychologists and psychiatrists both  treat mental  disorders but  differently. While a psychiatrists is trained primarily in drug therapy after an MBBS degree a psychologist treats patients through  other  means  like  counselling. Both complement  each other in treating  patients  with mental iilness and re  integral part  of the therapy. For becoming  a Psychiatrist, you need to first do an MBBS degree after class XII.

  Q.No.14  I am a second year student of  Bcom (Hons) and want to do  MBA. Please suggest some institutes which offer MBA  through corresponding.

  Ans.        Indira Gandhi  National Open University (IGNOU), All India  Management  Association (AIMA), Amity  Business School(ABS) and  Institute  of Management  Technology (IMT) are  the leading institutions offering  MBA  through  correspondence. You  may visit  their  websites for more details ,,  and, respectively.

  Q.No.15. I am doing  my MB (final) and  want to do  a diploma  in personnel management, but I do not have any Knowledge  of it. Which are the  good institutes providing  this course; their  medium; and future prospects?

  Ans.        Xavier Labour  Relations Institute (XLRI),Jamshepur ( and Symbiosis Centre  for management  and HDR (SCMHRD) Pune (  are the  most  reputed  institutions for  diploma  in personnel management. The medium is English and the  prospects are good (naturally, depending on you performance.

  Ans.        There are plenty of jobs in advertising. If you are  afraid of  a competitive  environment, it means that  you  have  a fear  of failure . You have    a weak ego strength. You have  been   pampered  at home. Probably you have been told many times that you’ll not be able to do this or that. It has shaken your confidence. What you need to do is to understand that deadlines have to be met in every job. Just get up  and get on with  your life. If you   have  to be  a working  woman n you have  to be in  a competitive  environment .Start taking yoga  classes, go for  walks structure your  routine. It will feel less threatened. 


Q.No.16    I have done class CII with biology I want go in for medical  transcriptions .Is  this  a good decision? Can I get  handsome salary ? Please suggest some good institutes.

  Ans.        Medical transcription offers good job placements in India   as well as abroad. To  ensure the suitability of a particular  coursed check with past students who are  working  in this  field. Prominent institutes are:

·          Ancient  Global Solutions Pvt Ltd. New Delhi

·          Pan American  Institute  of Medical Transcription, New Delhi

·          Apex Network  Ltd. New Delhi

·          Wintech institute   of Information Technology , New Delhi

·          Medical Transcription  Education  Centre  New Delhi

·          Zero Error Medical Transcription New Delhi

All of these have several branches all over  the country.

After  the source, the starting  salaries would be in the range  of Rs.12,000 to 13,000 p.m. And there  is a lot  scope  in this  area today. But the job can get monotonous very soon.  

  Q.No.17. I am doing  my graduation along with  DOEACC ‘O’ level  (Plan to complete up to ‘B’  level) and want to do MBA  from a good institute.How important is the reputation of a university  at the time of admission? Will the DOACC’B’ level certificate  help me widen my career prospects?

  Ans.        Basically  DOEACC ‘B’  level  course  is  equivalent  to MCA. If  you plan  to complete ‘B’ level with   your graduation and then go in for  MBA  it will amount doing  MBA after MCA.This  will widen  your career prospects if you concentrate in the area of information management  and systems in MBA. For  admission in a reputed  MBA programme more than the repution of the university, what matters is your performance in graduation.

  Q.No.18  I am a student of BSc (I) with zoology, botany and chemistry. Can I also prepare  for medical entrance  exams along with BSC.? After BSc. What are the job prospects for me?

  Ans.        To take  premedical exams, Subjects in B.Sc don’t matter .The subjects in class XII  qualify  you for  these. You  have to have  physics, chemistry  and biology. Therefore, you can prepare for premedical exams alongside.

      With  a B.Sc degree you can explore job prospects in teaching, technical jobs in hospitals, projects and administration.  

Q.NO.19   I am in class IX and I like science. I dream of becoming a space scientist, in India or abroad.Please guide me.

  Ans.        To become a space scientist you will have to study astronomy, advanced physics, astro-physics, geo-physics and other allied subjects. While you could do BSC and MSc in physic, applied physics and nuclear physics at several universities in the country, astronomy and astro-physics is  available  only at certain select institutes. It would  be  a good idea to do a BE/B.Tech in Mechanical or Aeronautical Engineering to  start with. A BSc in Physics  or  a related subject would  also help. At the masters level, you could also opt for courses at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore and the Institute of Astrophysics.

      Further specialization is also essential since space science is a highly specialized subject. The Indian Institute  of Astrophysics, Bangalore, the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (Mumbai and Pune) and the Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics Pune offer Ph.D programes in these subjects. The Raman Research Institute Bangalore, the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Trivandrum and the Indian Space  Research Organization  in New Delhi, Ahmadabad ,Bangalore and Sriharikota offer research programmes in this field.

     There are currently more job opportunities for space scientist in the developed countries than in India. But Space technology is now rapidly advancing in India as well.              

  Q.No.20  I  completed my B.Sc (48%) in 1999 from Utkal University and am currently doing wap course at informatics.I am interseted  in a short-time management course.i want to go abroad for a job with high salary and stay there permanently.Please suggest how should I proceed after the wap course.

  Ans.        Let me put things straight for lyou. First there is no proper management course which can be done whithin a short period by a graduate with no work experience. Second  48% may not be sufficient for admission into a reputed Third you don’t have to do an MBA course for going abroad for a job with high salary and to stay there permanently. Therefore concentrate on your  course do it well and then decide what do you exactly want to do.

  Q.No 21  I did my B Sc. (botany) from Chennai University two years back. After that  I was trying for MBBS,but was unsuccessful.I want to study further and also want to do some job.Please  guide me about  further studies  and jthe kind of job that can help me in future.

  Ans.        You could try again for MBBS entrance exams. Alternatively you can go for specialization in botanical genetics which is an extremely existing and largely unexplored    field in our country. You can also go in for specialization in Agricultural Microbiology yet another good applied branch after  BSc (botany).I would not suggest you to work  while studying  because that way you cannot do total justice to either. However, there are lot oof universities offering correspondence courses,one of them being IGNOU. You can get the details on the Internet.

  Q.No.22  I am a second year student of Bcom and  am interested in doing MCA Please suggest some good institute  in institutes in India  for MCA.Please also suggest the best way to prepare for this.Can I handle the course without any computer  background?

What are admission criteria and the future prospects?

  Ans.        MCA is a three-year course which equips you with all the required  Knowledge  skills and exposure to the various tools, techniques in the years, it has industry. Over the years, it has gained recognition from the  industry .The most sought  after courses are  from Delhi University  JUN,Pune  Univ. Hyderabad Central Univ. and  VJTI Mumbai States like UP, MP condust statewide centeralised exams for all the MCA  colleges in the state. The entrance exams may have maths (+2 level  ) logic, reasoning ,computer fundamentals. You need not have any computer background to get into MCA.the entrance exams are held during February April by the  aforesaid institute.

  Q.NO23  I want to do MBA but I am confused from where to do it. I have done  Bcom(pass).Does XLRI conduct part-time  MBA programme? When does the institute hold its entrance examination?

  Ans.        If you have done a three- year B Com (pass) and if your final aggregate percentage is 50 plus, with good amount of preparation, you should be able to do  MBA from any of the leading business schools in the country. This is the right time to keep looking at the daily newspapers for announcements for admissions. Yes XLRI does conduct a part-time MBA but it is for three years duration and meant for only working executives with sufficient experience to see them through  the programme. The XLRI admissions test is, usually, the first Sunday of the year.

  Q.NO24  I am a first year student of BSc (Hons) electronics, DU, After graduation can I sit for Mtech  entrance examinations? If so which universities provide  M Tech  degrees? How many seats are on offer and what do they ask in the examinations?

  Ans.        Various institutions offer  M Tech degree courses in three ways. IITs offer an integrated M Tech degree which is usually a five year course. So do other institutes like  BITS Pilani. The second way of getting into  M Tech is after  BE or B Tech. This takes five and a half years. The third route is the most suitable for you, wherein you need to go for  MSc after  BSc and then appear in the entrance exams for M Tech. This route is the longest and takes six and a half years. All premier technological institutions like  IITs IISc have  M Tech in electronics and the usual in- take is 8-15 seats.

Q.No.25    I am doing  MA (maths). I want to know the following:

a)       Apart  from teaching what lines are open to me?

b)       Is  MA (Maths) useful in the IT industry? If yes; what are the options and
          what additional courses are required?

  Ans.          There  are many options after  an MA in maths. You can either go in for teaching and research or you can bifurcate to statistics and join  a statistical or data collection organisation. You can also go in for market research specifically quantitative research. You can also do an  MBA and enter the world of business. Moreover  you can  also go in for financial service s such as chartered accountancy cost, accountancy.,chartered  financial analysis stocks and securities or any other related areas by taking the  concerned exams. Maths is a great advantages for these careers.

      Maths is also an excellent option in IT especially in computer applications. You can go in for a two year  MCA programme. The IT industry will offer you plenty of job opportunities. You can also go for systems analysis and programming.

Q.NO26    I am a final year student of 3-year nursing diploma from Safdarjang   Hospital . After completion,can I do a 4-year BSc (nursing) course? If so what is the eligibility criteria and which  are the institutes – both full- time as well as part-time – that offer such courses?

  Ans.        After completing your diploma you need two years of work experience following which you are eligible to apply for two-year post BSc (nursing) Most of the  nursing  colleges have this course.

  Q.NO.27 I’m a graduate pursuing PG in advertising .MY problem is that though I can present myself well, I don’t feel comfortable working in a competitive environment –maybe because I’ve not stepped outside the safe confines of home.I’ve consulted some counsellors who suggested doing a part-time job .But I don’t know whom to ask and where to go. It’s not that I’ve not tried. But I am not sure of the two key issues –work environment and nature of the job .Please help.

  Ans.        There are plenty of jobs in advertising. If you are afraid of a competitive environment .it means that you have a fear of failure .You have been pampered at home. Probably you have been told many times that you’ll not be able to do this or that’ .It has shaken your confidence. What you need to do is to understand that deadlines have to be met in every job. Just get up and get on with your life .if you have to be a working woman. you have to be in a competitive environment. Start taking yoga classes, go for walks, structure your routine. It will discipline you .And you will feel less threat ended.

    Q.NO.28           I have done my ISC with physics, chemistry and biology with 53% aggregate .I want to make  a career in microbiology/ biotechnology/ bio chemistry, but I am confused which field to choose.Please guide me and suggest some good institutes?

 Ans.         You can make a career in either of the three subjects. However, biotechnology has excellent prospects in the near future .Biotechnologists can get good jobs in agricultural research organizations for developing  new varieties of crops; in the healthcare industry; in  organizations dealing with environment control and protection; in paper and pulp processing  industries. Another new area is bioinformatics, which involoves the use software to utilise information  from the vast biological data base. Prominent institutions for biotechnology are; The Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore; Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi;Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi;Gb Pant University  of Agricultural & Technology, Pant Nagar ,UP; and the National  Centre for Plant  Genome Research, JNU, New Delhi.

 Q.No.29.  I want to make a career in computer science (BE in computer sceince),but I only managed 50% marks jn 10+2 (PCM). I want to take direct admission into any government affiliated private college. Please provide me information on such institutes which are not expensive.  

Ans.          There is no shortcut to glory. If you are so passionate you should not dither from working hard. Paying capitation fees and getting in is not the solution. People look down upon one who passes out of a private institute and you end up paying no mean amount.

      After graduation you can take MCA entrance examination to get into the IT industry.MCA is a 3-year course and is recognized by the IT industry.

 Q.No.30   I have taken admission in BIT programme  conducts by IGNOU. What is its scope? Can I do  any additional course related to this? What is the difference between MCA and MIT and what degree does IGNOU award after the BIT programme?

 Ans.         That you are looking ahead. Unfortunately, the degrees offered by IGNOU are not recognised by the private sector where more opportunities lie. They want people who have hands-on experience on projects with corporates which only a regular institute can provide . Hence, you need to do a regular MCA from a good university.

  Q.No.31  I am a 2nd year student of  Btech(electronics). I want to do MBA after my graduation. What %is needed for admission I good b-schools? Please suggest some books for preparing the English Test in MBA entrance.

 Ans.    Recently leading B-schools have stopped mentioning the minimum qualifying percentage. But you are safe with 50%.

   For the English part of CAT,I would recommend Nesfield’s or Wren & Martin’s latest edition. For practice the GRE’s section on Verbal Ability is best.    


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