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Employment as a subject is included in the concurrent list of the Constitution of India. National  Employment Service is a Joint concern of the Government of India and the State Governments. Compulsory Notification of Vacancies Act 1959 was passed by the Parliament to make it compulsory   for the establishments under Public and Private Sectors to notify vacancies to the nearest Employment Exchanges and also to render prescribed returns. This Act though extended to the J&K was applied by the state to the Private Sector only. The Employment Exchanges in J&K State had been catering to the recruitment needs of various Central Government Departments and Organizations.  But after the Supreme Court Judgment passed in the year 1996, the notifying departments were given the discretion to invite the applications at their own level in addition to the names being sponsored by the Employment Department in order to give a fair play and equal opportunity for applying against the said vacancies notified by a particular establishment / organization by making advertisements in the  print/electronic media for wide circulation.

 Order No.



43-ED of 2017


Transfer and Postings



Aadhaar based Biometric Attendance

42-ED of 2017


Book Keeping & Accountancy and Service Rules & Regulations for the Department of Employment w.e.f 06th to 08th February 2017

40-ED of 2017


Book Keeping & Accountancy and Service Rules & Regulations for the Department of Employment w.e.f 13th to 15th February 2017

38-ED of 2017


Grant of Cash-in-lieu of leave salary in lieu of 300 days of earned leave in favour of Shri Rattan Lal Bamotra, Section Officer, Directorate of Employment, J&K

35-ED of 2017


Grant of 1st "IN-SITU" Promotion in favour of Shri Fayaz Ahmad Wani, Orderly, Directorate of Employment

33-ED of 2017


Constitution of Committee for conducting the type test of Class-IV employees of the Department.

30-ED of 2017


Counting of past service for the purpose of pensionary benefits entitlement for being governed under the old Defined Pension Scheme thereof.










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