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            The aim of SEMFEX-I Scheme is to encourage and assist eligible ex-servicemen to take up self- employment service ventures in Tiny, Small Scale Industry and Small scale Service and Business [Industry Related] Enterprises. Under the scheme, training in entrepreneurship is also provided to them facilitating success of the project.


            Ex-servicemen, war widows of ex-Servicemen and disabled Service personnel, sponsored for assistance under the scheme by Director General Rehabilitation, after screening by a Committee constituted for the purpose, are eligible for assistance. The applicants should be:  

(a)                 upto 60 years of age  

(b)                 registered with Zila Sainik Board (ZSBs), where no ZSBs are functioning  the applicant should be registered with Rajya Sainik Board (RSB). Persons who are not registered as above will be required to do so before their applications are accepted;  

(c)                  Should not have availed loan assistance under any other scheme.  

          Ex-servicemen forming partnerships with one or more ex-Servicemen or one or more non-ex-servicemen would also be eligible for assistance under the Scheme. However, if the non-ex-serviceman is a partner, his contribution should not exceed 25% of total promoterís contribution required for the project and effective management of the project should vest with the ex-Servicemen.

            Retired personnel of para-military forces such as BSF, Assam Rifles, GREF  etc. are not covered at present under the definition of ex-Servicemen and are, therefore, not eligible to apply for assistance under the scheme.


          With effect from 01 April 1993 , Debt Equity Ratio for loan upto Rs. 10 lakhs is 3:1 meaning thereby:

            (a)       Promoterís contribution         :           10 percent

          (b)       Soft Seed Capital                    :           15 percent 

          (c )      Term Loan                                :           75 percent

   In case of loans above Rs 10 lakhs and upto 15 lakhs the Debt Equity Ratio is 2:1 meaning thereby:

            (a)       Promotersí Contribution                     18.3 per cent

          (b)       Soft Seed Capital                                15 per cent

          (c)       Term Loan                                            66.7 per cent.

            Central and State Subsidy, if any, will not be taken into account while financing the project. Such subsidy and other concessions, if available, may be utilized for meeting out the working capital requirements.  

            Soft Seed Capital Assistance will be provided in the form of loan. The amount of assistance will be limited to the amount required to meet up the gap in equity after taking into account the Promoterís Contribution to the project cost subject to a maximum of 15 per cent of the total project cost or Rs. 2.25 lakhs per project whichever is less.

            Term Loan: The normal term loan required for the project is to be sanctioned by SFC/twin-functioning IDC. The term loan will not exceed Rs.11.25 lakhs per project.


Soft Seed Capital Assistance (SSCA): During moratorium period nominal rate of 1% p.a. by way of service charge is payable annually. After the moratorium period, nominal rate of 6% p.a. is payable on half-yearly basis. Interest rate on Soft Seed Capital Assistance will be subject to annual reviews during currency of the assistance, if the financial position and profitability of the unit permits a higher rate of interest not exceeding the applicable rate of nominal term loan will be charged.

            Rate of interest on term loan would depend upon the amount of loan. The rates are subject to change. The present interest rate structure under the scheme is as under:

            Size of Loan                            Interest Rate

                                                            ( exclusive of interest tax )

 (I)       Upto & inclusive of Rs.25000/-          12% p.a.

(ii)        Over Rs. 25,000/- & upto                    13.5%p.a.
                                Rs 2.00 lakhs

(iii)      Over Rs. 2.00 lakhs                             As may be decided by the  
                                                                         FCs/Twin/function IDCs' 
                                                                         depending upon their risk    
                                                                         perception in each proposal. 



Registration:  An applicant satisfying the conditions laid down in the foregoing paragraphs will be registered under SEMFEX-I Scheme at ZSBs/RSBs in separate Self- Employment Registers. This Registration Number will be entered in Part II of the application. The registration number should be quoted in all future correspondence.

    Contact Person:

i)          Officer Incharge, Small Industries Development Bank of India
(SIDBI) 13 C/C, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu .

 ii)        Managing Director, State Financial Corporation, J&K ( SFC)

i)           Director Sainik Welfare Board, Department of Sainik Welfare, Jammu


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