The aim of the scheme, is to provide ex-Servicemen, war widows, disabled service personnel and widows of ex-Servicemen adequate self- employment opportunities through promotion and development of Khadi and Village Industries in the rural areas.


 (a)                 The Commission will on-lend Consortium Bank Credit for its directly aided institutions/societies and individual ex-servicemen artisans/entrepreneurs. The amount will be available for viable and bankable projects under KVI Sector. The Commission will also on-lend the Bank Credit to State KVI Board based on the guarantee of respective State Governments. The Bank credit will be available for expansion of the existing programme and also for new projects, which should be viable and bankable on the basis of project.

 (b)                 The amount of bank credit would be made available only after execution of the guarantee by the State Government, which is of utmost importance. The State KVI Boards must move the State Government for execution of guarantee to the extent of demand placed by them before the Commission. Without the State Government guarantee, no function will be done by the KVIC.

 (c)                  Project proposals pertaining to individual ex-Servicemen, co-operatives/institutions will be financed by the State KVI Board/Bank. Institutions which are directly listed by KVIC for sanction and individuals where then project cost of each scheme excluding polyvastra is upto Rs. 10 lakhs, will be financed by the Commission.  This is in order to widen the scope of implementing the KVI programme.

 (d)                 The cost of the project, includes pre-operative expenses like the cost of feasibility study, cost of preparation of project and other preliminary expenses before installation of the unit and cost of land and building, cost of machinery, equipment and tools which are called as term loan and one turnover cycle of working capital loan.

 (e)                 KVIC/KVIBs would be fully responsible for lending and recovery of Consortium Bank Credit to its implementing agencies/beneficiaries.

 (f)                  The project proposals upto Rs. 25 lakhs will be finalized by the State KVIBs at their level.

 (g)                 The land is owned or taken on lease by the institution, the terms of contract may have to be indicated. In certain cases, even rented premises may be considered.

 (h)                 The choice of the manufacturer/producer for the purchase of machinery/accessories/spare parts/raw material would be that of the beneficiary.


            Depending upon the level of assistance sought i.e. for individual scheme, entrepreneur scheme or institutional scheme, there are certain general prescribed application forms, in which the ex-Servicemen are required to submit their applications, to the authorities concerned. In so far as KVICs guidelines are concerned, regarding application format for various disciplines and level of village industries programmes, these are amended suitably from State to State to take care of some local needs. But in general a common format in this regard followed, as per details below:--

 (a)                Individual ex-Servicemen/widows-loan upto Rs 1 lakh.

  Individual ex-Servicemen, seeking financial assistance for the scheme upto Rs.1 lakh, shall have to submit application in form ‘A’ along with project proposal/profile and Bio-data Form.

 (b)                Individual ex-Servicemen/widows and Institution/Co-operative Societies-loan upto Rs 10 lakhs

  Individual ex-Servicemen, institutions/Co-operative Societies seeking financial assistance for schemes above Rs.1 lakh and upto Rs 10 lakhs, shall have to submit application in Form ‘B’ along with Project Working Economics and Project Report.

(c)                Ex-Servicemen Institutions/Co-operative Societies loan over Rs. 10 lakhs

  Ex-Servicemen Institutions/Co-operative Societies seeking financial assistance for schemes above Rs. 10 lakhs, shall have to submit application in Form ‘C’ along with Project Working Economics and Project Report.  

Eligible ex-servicemen desirous of seeking assistance will have to apply to the concerned Zila Sainik Board/Rajya Sainik Board (ZSB/RSB) on the prescribed form. Five copies of the application will be submitted by the applicants.


 (a)                 The applicant should be 21 years of age and above.
 (b)                 There is no upper age limit to set up units under KVI Sector.


 The KVIC has prescribed various guidelines relating to the level of projects based on the cost involvement. In view of this, the projects are examined for its technical feasibility/economic viability and accordingly, financial sanction of the proposal is accorded.




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