Schemes->Workshed-cum-Housing & workshed for handicrafts 



1.         OBJECTIVES

-                        To improve the working conditions and work life of Artisans

-                        To improve the production and quality and quantity;

-                        To make cluster of crafts/crafts persons.

  SCHEME CONTENTS:            (A) Workshed Scheme  

(1)    Rural Area:  

                                  Unit cost of work shed                          Rs.9000/-  

                                  Contribution of                                    Rs. 2000/-


       Grant-in-aid                                              Rs. 7000/-


 (II) Urban Area:


 Unit cost of Work shed                           Rs.14000/-  

 Contribution of                                      Rs. 4000/-

 Central Subsidy/Grant                            Rs.10,000/-  

(B) Workshed-cum-Housing:
(including workshed)

Rural Area:

(1)              The unit cost of Housing-cum-

                                           Workshed will be                                          Rs. 35,000/-

(2)                 Beneficiaries contribution                            Rs.   3,000/-

 (3)          Loan from HUDCO                                           Rs. 14,000/-

(4)          Central Subsidy                                               Rs. 18,000/-


Urban Area:

(1)                 The unit cost of Housing-

                   Cum-workshed                                         Rs. 45,000/-

                   (2)                 Beneficiaries contribution                          Rs.  5,000/-


(3)           Loan from HUDCO                                   Rs.  20,000/-


(4)          Central Subsidy/Grant                              Rs.  20,000/-

3.     Organization Eligible to avail the Assistance:

(1)                 Central or State Handicrafts Dev. Corporations

(2)                 Apex Co-op, Handicrafts Societies.

(3)                 Reputed and Capable Voluntary Orgns.

4.       Pattern of Financial Assistance :

(1)       Rs.18000/- per unit is granted as Central Subsidy by the O/o the DC (HC) for construction of  workshed-cum-housing unit for rural area and Rs.20,000/- for urban area.

(2)        Rs.7000/- per unit is granted as Central Subsidy by the office of DC (HC) for construction of workshed unit for Rural Area and Rs.10,000/- for Urban Area.

 5. Mode of Sanctions:

(1)       State Level Committee recommends the proposals to RDs office and Rd office forwards the proposal recommended by the State Level Committee to office of the SDC (HC) after ensuring its completeness.  

2.       Office of the DC(HC) checks up all documents such as Registration Certificate, Balance Sheet of last 3 years, list of beneficiaries and other documents of NGO, on the basis of which the scheme is sanctioned to implementing Agency.

 6. Guidelines preparing proposals under the Scheme:  

(1)       The proposal should be made in a manner that not less than 25 units are constructed in a particular cluster;

(2)        Special relaxation may be given in case of project for hilly and tribal area;

(3)        While selecting the town, village for location of the projects, areas of concentration of Handicrafts shall be preferred.

 Contact person: 

Asstt. Director Handicrafts/Handlooms



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